Innovative Foods Limited(IFL) offers a range of exciting products for the global consumer. Consumers across the world who have a liking for authentic Indian food have developed a strong preference for our brand Sumeru. We have a strong presence in US, Singapore, NZ, Japan, Fiji, Mauritius and Canada. The exports team is committed in bringing out innovative & fresh products for the global consumers and takes the Sumeru experience deeper into the existing markets. The products offered are specific to the needs of the consumers in various countries. They’re produced with the best-in-class facilities accomplishment all the obligatory certifications for the overseas market which makes Sumeru an immensely trusted brand across the international markets.


Quick Snacks

Idli, Medu vada, Idiyappam, Samosa, Appam, Dosa etc.

Fine Dining

Curries, Indian breads like Chapatis, Parathas (Malabar, Flaky, Ajwain, Jeera, Tapioca etc.)

Garden Fresh

Premium Cut French Fries, Green Peas, Golden Sweet Corn Kernels, Mixed Vegetables.

Breaded products

Burger Patties, Nuggets, Cutlets etc.